Merida Pinterest Princess

Merida, the brave princess needs a new look and she leaves it to you to decide if it's going to be elegant, casual or boho style. Try all those 3 different looks on her and then take her pictures to share them on Pinterest. But first start with the makeup. Be daring with the eye shadow colors and put an extra attention on to the mascara and the eye liner in black color to put an emphasis on her big blue eyes. Choose a blush in orange shade to match her red hair and a lipstick in pink shade. When you finish applying a perfect make up go to the dressing up. Merida loves chic dresses and her closet has lots of them. Which will you chose is not going to be easy since the green dress is equally impressive with the golden dress or maybe you should go for the white with the red details or maybe the dark red with the black lace. Choose a new hairstyle to match her look, sparkly jewelry and a handbag to accessorize. Doesn't she look amazing in everything she wears?