Snow White Famous On Snapchat

Princess Snow White decided to create a Snapchat account since her best friend Frozen Elsa has suggested that she should join. She wants to share with her friends her everyday mood so she's going to need your help to take some funny pictures of her. Start by giving her a gorgeous look and then move on to the pictures part. As a princess she must look at her best! Choose an impressing hair color and hairstyle and then choose from her closet a dress. Go for the blue simple but elegant dress or maybe for the red mini dress with the thin black belt on the waist. Choose a hair accessory from a perfect collection of flowers and a small handbag to hold on her right hand. When she's ready, it's time for the fun part: add filters, funny stickers and hashtags to make her picture stand out on the website. Take her picture with a duck face, blinking, looking tired, angry, sending kisses, with a bear face painting, a butterfly tattoo and many more!